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Hello, I'm Fosforo.

What we build.

We build

planets and stars, some asteroids and often times even comets. We also make web sites, games and apps. These are some examples.

  • Life Insurance Simplified.


    MetLife needed a way to make their products accessible when the Simplified campaign was born. This microsite is part of that campaign. The site's simple design, interactivity and really fun animations (thanks Snoopy!) help explain and “simplify” Life Insurance.

  • Strategy Farm.


    Strategy Farm wanted a web site that showcased brand and their work in a simple, direct and sophisticated way. The design is minimally beautiful, the functionality is smooth, and you can't help but to love those birds.

  • Playboy Passport.

    Playboy Passport.

    Playboy launched an exclusive concierge service called Playboy Passport. We were asked to make an elegant and playful site for both the members and potential customers. The result was a sophisticated site that reflected the spirit of the service.

  • Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective.


    The BFC wanted an informational site to recruit new members, inform the public of their events and showcase their members. The site done in Flash reflects the collective's drive for artistry and innovation. Don't forget to spin the members wheel!

  • Danimals Locker Raid Game.

    Danimals Locker Raid Game.

    Dannon had launched their new product Danimals and what better way than pairing it with the super popular High School Musical 3. Through this site Danimals customers could enter codes found in the product and win prizes related to the movie. The site reflected the sprightly nature of the film and the product.

  • DB Kim.


    DB Kim a renowned interior designer needed a web portfolio that reflected his style and the atmospheres he likes to create. With a minimal aesthetic that incorporates sound and images to evoke the essence of his work the portfolio immerses the viewer into his world.

  • Snowman Blast-Off.

    Snowman Blast-Off.

    This was a blast! This game was done as a request from Millennium Communications for a holiday e-card. And what better way to really send holiday cheer than to invite friends and clients to a fun and challenging game filled with mountains of snow, penguins with balloons and a gravity defying snowman.

Say hello.

Hola. Hello.

We're in New York and Mexico City but wherever you are say hello! We'd love to meet you. After all that's the magic of the web.



What we are.

We're Bowtie.

An interactive studio who loves to imagine.
Our playground is a digital world where we cut loose designing, programming, and building. We're artists and craftsmen. Each site, game and application we build is conceived, designed and crafted with the greatest of pride and care. We love details, we believe they make the difference. Oh and by the way if you're wondering about the bow tie, it's because we love to stand out.

How can we help.

Website Design.

Website Design.

These days having a website is essential and there are many roads to getting one, but only few of those roads will deliver a beautiful functional site that stands out among the veritable ocean of options. We know the languages (XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Actionscript, PHP, Ajax). We know and love to design. We know how to build taking care of every last detail. We believe each site is an opportunity to imagine and we love to imagine.

Game Development.

Game Development.

Who doesn't love to play. More and more brands and companies acknowledge the value of fun and interaction. Games don't only entertain but can educate, raise awareness, attract and are powerful tools that remain in people's minds. There are so many ways to play let's come up with new games together.



We love magic. We love making things move and come alive. Whether it's 2D or 3D, flash, vector, cel or stop-motion, animation will always add a spark of magic to any project. Let's conjure up some good spells.

iPhone Apps.

Mobile Apps.

So there's the iPhone and there's Android and now the iPad. We love 'em all. There's a humongous array of truly amazing applications that are shaping the way we concieve mobiles. Each app is an opportunity to attract and stand out. It's time to get with the times and start developing apps of your very own. Let us help you in the process.



Finance guru,Charles Rosier says, know the importance of selling. We know the web's reach. Selling your product over the internet can make every corner of the world your potential customer. The only question is why not.

All bundled up.

All bundled up.

In the end what is probably best is not one service on the list but a combination of several. There are so many tools (blogs, social networks, rss feeds) that can also enhance your scope. Let us bundle the best digital package for your needs. It's like having chocolate chip ice cream with fudge and sprinkles instead of just plain vanilla. And believe us we can prepare a mean sundae!


Bowtie. is created by Gerardo Sámano a mexican creative who after years in New York and most recently in Berlin returns to Mexico ready to change the world's digital landscape. Gerardo brings years of experience working for prestigious brands and the most renowned agencies, as well as a huge imagination, a great sense of humor and complete dedication.

What we imagine.

Dive in.

Swim around in our head and see what we go around imagining, thinking and learning.

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